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Welcome to bettingbuddies.com – the brand new home to a selection of the very best in sports betting since 2018. We are proud to offer you the chance to make that home yours in the certainty that your stay will be enjoyable, memorable, and a thoroughly fair and safe experience. We will also strive to make it one that you will wish to repeat and share with your friends.

Although this is a new sport betting affiliate site, the operators are no strangers to the industry, and we have used our considerable insight gained over more than a decade of running online gambline sites to better meet the needs of those who will settle for nothing less than everything. To achieve this, we have evolved to take on the role of a portal providing access to all of your favourite online sport betting possibilities from a variety of well-known games suppliers.

At bettingbuddies.com we have done everything possible to make your experience a safe one, leveraging the latest in internet technology to ensure that your personal details and cash are thoroughly protected at every stage as you gamble at any sport betting site you visit through our website.


In this section, we have included some frequently asked questions about safe betting sites. If you still have unanswered questions, then we hope that this section will assist you in finding answers. Just click on one of the questions below if you would like to see the response to it.

Do I Pay Tax on Gambling Winnings in the UK?

No. Betting tax was abolished in the UK in 2002. In the past, you had to pay 9% tax on every wager struck in a betting shop and you could choose to pay the tax on your initial stake or on the winnings. Thankfully, you can now bet completely tax-free!

Is Sports Betting Online Popular?

Gambling on sports continues to grow in popularity all over the world as more and more people combine their love of the game with online sports betting. In the UK, the most popular sports for gambling are football and horse racing.

What is the Best Sports Betting Site?

We rank the best sports betting sites on several factors, including best prices, bonuses, and banking options. You can read honest bookmaker reviews here to help you find the best gambling sites as recommended by our experts.

Is Sports Betting Profitable?

Unlike some other types of gambling which are based on luck, sports betting can be profitable because it involves a large element of skill. That’s where we come in because SBO.net is designed to help you become a more skilful punter. We’ll show you how to make more profit by assessing the value and following our betting strategies.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Yes. Gambling has a long history in the UK and online betting is completely legal. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the strictest licensing authority in the world, which means that the online betting market is very well regulated. We only recommend UKGC licensed bookmakers in the UK, so you can rest assured that our betting firms are entirely safe. If you’re gambling from outside of the UK, although the rules may vary, betting is legal in most countries. Licences are issued by the relevant national authorities and you can choose from the registered bookmakers in your country.

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